The Meru Foundation is a non-profit research and educational foundation established in 1983 to support scientific investigations of  geometric
patterns rediscovered in the Hebrew text of Genesis.  A primary research finding demonstrates how the sequence of letters in the first verse of the Torah generates three dimensional models with a wide range of meanings.  The geometry of the torah can also be found in the oldest Kabbalistic text, Sefer Yetzirah, the Book of Formation and several references occur in the Zohar as well.

The video clips linked here include short segments from videotaped lectures by Stan Tenen, Meru's research director during the period 1989 to 1999.  Some of the material on these clips have been superseded by later research and should be considered archival.  However, the basic premise remains intact and can be viewed in the latest publication, The Alphabet That Changed The World by Stan Tenen.  For this book and for a large body of research information , please go to www.meru.org.  The full programing in which these clips were extracted can be purchased on DVD's at www.meetingent.com. Click on the links below to view the video clips on YouTube.  All videos were produced and directed by Bill Haber.


All Letters are from Yud


Beyond Babel:
The Gesture Alphabet of Genesis

Bible Codes

Biblical Literalism

Bible Math:
Wreathes, Baskets,
Braids and Knots

Finding Geometry
in Genesis

Framing Meru Research:
Reconciling the Irreconcilable

Genesis in Base-3

The Genesis Torus

Genesis is Woven

The Hand of Genesis

Hebrew, Greek, Arabic
Letters from Genesis

Hebrew, Ayin to Tav

Hebrew Flame Letters

The Letter Bet

The Letter-Text of
Genesis as Creation

Literal Meaning
in the Bible

The Logic and
Hierarchy of Genesis

The Meditation in


Modeling Genesis

The Letters of Genesis:
A Natural Unfurlment

Self-Reference in
Genesis and the Alphabet

Solving Babel:
Universal Gesture Language

The First Word of Genesis
and The Bible codes

Toku K'varo:
The Hand Unifies Mind and World

Torah and Pi

The Tree of Life

Vortex Flame Letters:
Separating Sense from Nonsense

The God of Abraham

The Meditation
in Genesis

Geometric Metaphor
in Torah

Torah: A Universal

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